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Dreams and Reality

ImageWhen I seen this photo today, it made me really think, is been on my mind for hours.. Dreams.. what are they? why do we have them? why do they not come true when its all we wish for? the Reality is.. thats all they really are.. if they come true its because we make them come true, by forcing the dream to come true either by working hard  or making someone else provide in helping that dream come true . When we Dream while we sleep, sometimes horrible dreams, sometimes filled wish such fantasy.. the reality of dreaming when a sleep is its what we hold as a memories we have distorted for the better or worse…so in fact one way or another they are as real as you and I .


our Dreams held with in out unconscious is much like a filing cabinet holding information we might have forgotten about or wish to forget… and something during  the day triggers a memory and when were in a deep state of sleep, that memory comes to us played out like a live show in a Broadway show… sometimes like were locked in a dark room forced to re-live such horrid times… i believe its why we have so many insomniacs, they rather stay awake for days then to face the fear. i know sometimes i feel i am trapped in my dream, cant even force myself awake… no one around to help… its terrifying



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Born and raised in Hawaii, now living in California.. Love photography and black and white is my favorite.. love writing and sharing my thoughts

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