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My Garden


In a world that is dying at our own hands, bringing  life to this world with plants give me a sense of pride, I can breath, I am happy, its the one place I am at peace with myself the most. its like everything disappears, and all i hear is the sound of the birds, or the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees.. its the calm through the madness in my mind, and soul right now is caught between good and bad.


 I have these Guardians of my Garden they care for my Garden when  i am not out there, little trinkets both mom and i added to make us smile. simple things really, but special to us in our own way, sanctuary I guess is what my Garden is to me… all it needs is a few Fairies to make things more exciting



clipping, potting, and watering my Garden, the green is so vibrant, the flowers just beginning to bloom, Spring is so exciting, and all that it brings with a little bit of love  and a whole lot of sun, anyone can have a little piece of Heaven here on Earth


About 808kat

Born and raised in Hawaii, now living in California.. Love photography and black and white is my favorite.. love writing and sharing my thoughts

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