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This barn is located in Santa Rosa, Ca.. where i reside at the time being.. i have always wanted to take photos of this Barn, yes cause of its shape, and what i found was an eerie.Image

As I moved closer it was like I pull I could feel I just had to get closer… started to see its woreImage

colors fading with time, even the yellow graffiti seem to be faded.

the smell of age swam it the cool of the air that day, a stale wet odor Image

taking a peep in the only open way i immediately got chicken skin took two photos and moved away with a shiver, Quickly taking a seat to catch my breath… a huge tangled tree almost feels as if to catch meImageImage

an experience i will not do again alone anytime soon.


Update: in 2018 this Round Barn Burned down in the Fires that swept that area.. it was one of many structures and homes that were lost in the fires… it was one of the most devastating times I ever endured…


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Born and raised in Hawaii, now living in California.. Love photography and black and white is my favorite.. love writing and sharing my thoughts

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