This barn is located in Santa Rosa, Ca.. where i reside at the time being.. i have always wanted to take photos of this Barn, yes cause of its shape, and what i found was an eerie.Image

As I moved closer it was like I pull I could feel I just had to get closer… started to see its woreImage

colors fading with time, even the yellow graffiti seem to be faded.

the smell of age swam it the cool of the air that day, a stale wet odor Image

taking a peep in the only open way i immediately got chicken skin took two photos and moved away with a shiver, Quickly taking a seat to catch my breath… a huge tangled tree almost feels as if to catch meImageImage

an experience i will not do again alone anytime soon.


Update: in 2018 this Round Barn Burned down in the Fires that swept that area.. it was one of many structures and homes that were lost in the fires… it was one of the most devastating times I ever endured…

good bye


rivers divide the stream steady and fast
cooling nights fade as the stars begin to sparkle.

saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes necessary
believe this song that drifts through the air, your never forgotten when you are dead, and never known when you were alive

morning dew drips feeding the earth below
like tears that shed from ones own eyes




Is a word that stands firm… a steady feeling that a person feels when confidant, proud and sure of his or her own actions or beliefs, and follows through… its also provides strength, perseverance, hope in some of the most difficult times, or challenging times even in the face of  discouragement, shame and/or embarrassment..

Courage is there to give you a sense of faith that you can be strong for those in need, even when you , yourself are struggling… courage is there when you need a voice when you feel others might not listen…  it give’s you heart to forgive those you feel don’t deserve forgiveness… courage makes life easier, when all seems lost.. it feeds us hope that things can be better.. even when we don’t believe..

Courage… without courage.. I would not be here today.. without the life experiences I have today….


Sand Art

~~Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be apart of~~

“No Great thing is created Suddenly”

Sand Art reaches from the depth of the soul like the ocean does the sea

etching and carving  such details,creations beyond imagination, there really is no limit…

seeing the talent from ones own view.. made from the Earth.. and returned back to the Earth..

only  lasting when caught in the eye of a camera… Spectacular,Magical, inspiring

Taken From the Book.. The Five People you meet in Heaven By: Mitch Album

This is my first thoughts on this book soon after reading it…..

Sacrifice… You make one. I make one. We all make them. Sometimes we become angry over our sacrifices.We keep thinking about what we’ve lost.

We don’t get it. Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s suppose to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to. Little sacrifices. Big sacrifices.

Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, your not really losing it. you’re just passing it on to someone else.

Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from the inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. hatred is a curved sharp blade, and the harm we do, we do ourselves. We; must forgive in order for the pain to end.

Lost love is still love. it takes  a different form, when you can’t see or touch a person… when those senses are weaken, another heightens! Memory, memory becomes your partner, you nurture it. you hold it. you dance with it….. When life ends…. Love dose not…….

Island Heart

Tropical winds, we call trade

she trudges through the Ko’olau Mountains

waking and wondering when the sun will rise again

she longs to feel the wash of the sea warm her feet

Her heart is lost wandering the shores..

the waves that splash the shores of Waikiki

Call to her in her sleep

A. Ani

Hello world!





I am here to share writings that come and go from the minds of men and women around the world.. Pictures that will steal your hearts, or change your imagination… it is my hope all that enjoy this you might share it with a friend… one  might like to add to my collection.. all postings will have permission from the person I receive photos and writings: or are found on the internet(which i find as public domain).. my Goal is to share what we all feel sometimes… when the eyes see, or  the hand flows across paper.. we all express inner emotion…