This barn is located in Santa Rosa, Ca.. where i reside at the time being.. i have always wanted to take photos of this Barn, yes cause of its shape, and what i found was an eerie.Image

As I moved closer it was like I pull I could feel I just had to get closer… started to see its woreImage

colors fading with time, even the yellow graffiti seem to be faded.

the smell of age swam it the cool of the air that day, a stale wet odor Image

taking a peep in the only open way i immediately got chicken skin took two photos and moved away with a shiver, Quickly taking a seat to catch my breath… a huge tangled tree almost feels as if to catch meImageImage

an experience i will not do again alone anytime soon.


Update: in 2018 this Round Barn Burned down in the Fires that swept that area.. it was one of many structures and homes that were lost in the fires… it was one of the most devastating times I ever endured…

Beauty in a Photograph

life still props are some of the most realistic dreams come true, in my view looking through the glass of a cameras lens is capturing what we believe is  beauty.. my eyes see different things and find beauty is the oddest of places…. reach for the light through tall tress

the feel of the oceans cool feel as it washes the pain, sadness and hurt away… a cleaning process of the soul.. making  memories through each picture taken.these pictures were taken on a day  I needed to feel free of my bondage’s. my soul needed to feel excepted as me.. did i find that freedom that day.. lets just say i am still in search of my freedom within and understand why my heart is weighed down with so much doubt…  the pain i feel is softened when i take photos.. its a healing tool for me.. and who ever takes enjoyment of them brings me a small amount of pleasure, knowing i made some one say wow, thats special, or breath taking.. I have not yet taken one of those photos, and keep trying… one thing I do know I love is the art of Photography

the Oceans Roar wakes my soul, the water cleanse my soul and the darkness of the fog shades me from the heat… to me this was a beautiful day for getting in touch with one self… the laughter of a group of people off to the shadows, the cry of a seagull…today was a magical day for me, a step towards finding me

Island Chain

Hawaiian Islands.. my home sweet home.. the place my heart longs to be….

Oahu Is where I was Born…  at the bottom of Diamond Head road…return as a child of 11 years of age, the adventures, to walk the beaches and hear the sounds of the Zoo … memories I have as a child linger in my thoughts… those were the days…

the country  side was fun and free.. the sand soft and the reef sharp like barbs of glass… the surf  smooth one day and choppy the next… burying one another in the sand, getting stung by Portuguese man-o- war .. then being pee’ed on.. lol… walking bare footed every where as a child… never fearing being alone… the parks and mountains the country was wild and free…

my heart longs to return home, one day you will see… I will not be whole until I return to thee