Is a word that stands firm… a steady feeling that a person feels when confidant, proud and sure of his or her own actions or beliefs, and follows through… its also provides strength, perseverance, hope in some of the most difficult times, or challenging times even in the face of  discouragement, shame and/or embarrassment..

Courage is there to give you a sense of faith that you can be strong for those in need, even when you , yourself are struggling… courage is there when you need a voice when you feel others might not listen…  it give’s you heart to forgive those you feel don’t deserve forgiveness… courage makes life easier, when all seems lost.. it feeds us hope that things can be better.. even when we don’t believe..

Courage… without courage.. I would not be here today.. without the life experiences I have today….



Sand Art

~~Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be apart of~~

“No Great thing is created Suddenly”

Sand Art reaches from the depth of the soul like the ocean does the sea

etching and carving  such details,creations beyond imagination, there really is no limit…

seeing the talent from ones own view.. made from the Earth.. and returned back to the Earth..

only  lasting when caught in the eye of a camera… Spectacular,Magical, inspiring