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Island Chain

Hawaiian Islands.. my home sweet home.. the place my heart longs to be….

Oahu Is where I was Born…  at the bottom of Diamond Head road…return as a child of 11 years of age, the adventures, to walk the beaches and hear the sounds of the Zoo … memories I have as a child linger in my thoughts… those were the days…

the country  side was fun and free.. the sand soft and the reef sharp like barbs of glass… the surf  smooth one day and choppy the next… burying one another in the sand, getting stung by Portuguese man-o- war .. then being pee’ed on.. lol… walking bare footed every where as a child… never fearing being alone… the parks and mountains the country was wild and free…

my heart longs to return home, one day you will see… I will not be whole until I return to thee


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